Inflatables For Hire

Perfect for fairs, parties, large events and skill building courses, even just for your own back garden, we have a range of inflatables that will certainly draw a crowd!

We provide the equipment, you provide the rules. Be it highest of 3 shots or knockout rounds your event will be a hit and something to remember.

Prices start from £75 for our inflatables*


*Price will vary on inflatable and location


Dartboard Football

Standing at an impressive 5 meters tall, using fuzzy velcro balls (think tennis balls, but bigger), the aim is to score the highest after 3 balls, or try a standard dart scoring starting at 501 – This part is up to you!

We will provide the dart board, equipment to inflate, balls and a stick to help retrieve any double top balls!




Inflatable Goal

At 4 meters wide and 2.5 meters high, it’ll be hard to miss normally… Except with a ‘virtual’ goalie included you will really need your best skills to beat ‘him’. Great for adding a challenge with added scoring, so put your best foot forward and show off your accuracy with this handy goal.



Speed shot

How fast can you score a goal from a penalty spot to the back of the net? Challenge your friends to see who has fastest kick!






Soccer Tennis

Practice your keepy-uppys, headers and vollies with our soccer tennis net. Keep the ball off the ground as long as possible with your teammate in this tough and challenging game.

* Dependent on venue and subject to availability – Please contact for more information



How to hire

To check availability, simply fill in the form or drop us an email, we can confirm pricing including delivery and setup, as well as a deposit to confirm booking which will be returned upon our collection of the equipment (subject to condition).

If you have any questions on the equipment, setup or general enquiries, you can give us a call on 01908 410955. Bookings are best handled via email to make sending documents quicker and easier.

Enquiry Form


    As with any hiring of equipment, we do have a set of rules, for the safety of yourself, anyone using the equipment and of course our equipment as well. A full copy of the rules will be provided on the day for the hirer, as well as an agreement to sign;

    1. Please aim to have at least 4ft of free space all the way around the inflatable for staking and for safety reasons (tripping, protect against wind).
    2. Please keep all glass/sharp items away from the inflatable.
    3. No food or drinks is to be allowed on or near any of the equipment.
    4. No climbing on or scaling any part of the equipment.
    5. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs are to use the inflatables.
    6. Please ensure there is adequate height to allow for our inflatables (no over hanging trees in gardens etc) as we do not allow time in our schedules to cut back branches.
    7. Please ensure that on delivery pathways leading to the inflatable must be clear of objects.
    8. Side access must be at least 2.5ft wide.
    9. Once the inflatable is erected it is not to be moved.
    10. If inflatable is muddy on collection, a cleaning charge may apply. Soapy water/baby wipes makes a good cleaner so allow time at the end for any instance.
    11. If hiring for indoors please ensure ceilings (in halls) are at least 16’ (5 meters) high. We cannot be responsible for inadequate checks leading to damage.
    12. The hired equipment must be fully supervised at all time by an adult (over 18yrs).
    13. If the inflatable comes with mats, please ensure these are returned to the agreed location if moved during use to protect the inflatable from damage.