Difference between NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA

The American education system is made up of around 3,000 universities/colleges which are all at different levels, locations and costs that offer scholarships. All these factors are important for an athlete when deciding on where to choose.

College sports in the USA is a huge deal which makes it different to the UK as coaches usually have a budget in which they can spend. This can vary to offer an athlete a partial scholarship or a full ride which can cover expenses such as housing, tuition, and meals etc. This will all depend on the athletes academic and athletic ability and level.

The NCAA is divided into a three-division system of Division I, Division II and Division III.  With NCAA regulations and rules schools in Divisions I & II can offer scholarship, however Division III school’s may be limited or not offer any which is something to consider.

The differences between the NCAA and NAIA, include factors such as size, cost, location, and preferences in which you would rather play in.

However, a Division I team is not necessarily better than a Division II & III team, or NAIA. It can just vary with finances, facilities, and academics. To play in Division I an athlete’s academics are a very important factor, although that does not by any mean it is easy to play in Division I as this requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

Playing a college sport is a great experience and is a very professional playing environment. The top NCAA institutes have a crowd of 1,000’s watching you play in a top-level stadium. Many of the top Division I & II schools have fantastic facilities in which makes it an environment that you would play in as semi pro or some even pro.

The NJCAA is a two-year process and is made up of community colleges, in which you will transfer after two years to finish the remainder two years in the NCAA or NAIA. This is a great route for athlete’s looking to get more scholarship, who may also have lower academics going into the process. Many US coaches like an athlete who is already in this set up to recruit for the next steps.

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