Birthday Parties

The JCSS Birthday Package

Our birthday packages start from £195 for 12 children, and can be completely tailored to fulfil your child’s wishes and ensure every JCss child has a fantastic day to remember!

What our football parties can include:

  • American Shoot Outs
  • JCSS Skills Course Challenge
  • World Cup tournament
  • Games and Drills all relative to age and ability
  • Speed shot challenge
  • Specialist goalkeeper parties

How about making your party extra special?

We also have a range of inflatables* plus much more that can be requested to make your birthday memoriable and would be talked about for a long time to come!

Dartboard Football

Standing at an impressive 5 meters tall, using fuzzy velcro balls (think tennis balls, but bigger), the aim is to score the highest after 3 balls, or try a standard dart scoring starting at 501 – This part is up to you!

We will provide the dart board, equipment to inflate, balls and a stick to help retreive any double top balls!




Inflatable Goal

At 4 meters wide and 2.5 meters high, it’ll be hard to miss normally… Except with a ‘virtual’ goalie included you will really need your best skills to beat ‘him’. Great for adding a challenge with added scoring, so put your best foot forward and show off your accuracy with this handy goal.



Speed shot

How fast can you score a goal from a penalty spot to the back of the net? Challenge your friends to see who has fastest kick!



* Dependent on venue and subject to availability – Please contact for more information


All equipment is supplied by JCss and every JCss party includes:

  • A JCSS medal for each child.
  • A JCSS birthday certificate for each child.

Available extras upon request:

  • Personalised birthday cake (various options)
  • Personalised invitations
  • Football party bags
  • Catering (pizza party available)
  • JCss Kit


Domino’s are the pizza provider for all Jack Collison parties


For more information on our different party packages please e-mail –